Nordic Coastal Impressions, Lisboa 2010

Gallery Colorida, Lisboa, Portugal

Nordic Coastal Impressions at Gallery Colorida
«The colors of the Northern Coast are the essence of the work of Norwegian artist Ingrid Solesvik. The artist frees the strength of the paint, giving it momentum from it’s marine chromatic influence. The smoothness of the blue-green background is a constant in contrast to the red and yellow, now twilight, now morning. From Abstraction, Ingrid Solesvik confirms the power of color to achieve its effect. The possibility of reading this work is endless, it seems the peek at the artist’s infinite ocean. The screens are composed of juxtaposed and overlapping colors, a solution which transforms constantly changing in fields. The color emerges as a synthesis of expression, which can only be perceived to withdraw the fog that covers the eyes, the painting acquires the power of thought and expression.
Gallery Colorida, Curator and Gallerist Jose Roberto Moreira.