Inspiration and technique can never replace the experience that comes from continuously working with art. I may work figurative or non-figurative with oils, acrylics, watercolor, collage and various graphic techniques – choosing the style and technique that suits expressing the mood best

I live on the west coast of Norway, a few hours flight from the Arctic Circle. In spring and summer the days are long, light and bright. Often low pressures comes in from the Northern Sea bringing wind and rain over land and colors the sky in a variety of shades of grey. The winter is rather mild, but the lack of snow shortens the days. The landscape is varied with fjords and mountains as well as plains.  There’s a certain cool, bluish light here, maybe it has affected my love of blue and the cold part of the color scale , – although I differ and choose colors depending on what I want to say.

I get inspired by my surroundings and happenings in my life. I experience an enrichment to switch between the various artistic media, whether it is paint on canvas or paper, print or collage. I enjoy working With time constraints and limitations. I find pleasure in working with one media at the time, giving myself enough time to explore a given theme.

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