2014 Br. Viks Galleri, Syvde, akvarell

2012 Tananger Havn atelier – Maleri

2010 Gallery Colorida, Lisboa, Portugal – Maleri
The colors of the Northern Coast are the essence of the work of Norwegian artist Ingrid Solesvik. The works are composed of colors juxtaposed and overlapping, solution that transforms them into fields in constant transformation. The color emerges as a synthesis of expression, which may be perceived to take away the haze that covers the eye, the painting acquires the power of thought and expression». (Jose Roberto Moreira, Curator and Gallerist

2011 Gallery Casa Manuel Teixeira Gomes, Portimao, Portugal
«Dreams on Paper» show at the Casa Manuel Teixeira Gomes Casa Manuel Teixeira Gomes in Lagos, presents,
from 7 January, the exhibition «Dreams on Paper,» which brings together the work of artists
Ingrid Solesvik (Norway), Loes de Haan (Netherlands), Eugenia Jiménez (Mexico) and Claudia Simões (Brazil).
In this exhibition of painting on paper, the public can peek at the feelings of the feminine through the production of four women who
representing four nationalities and many other styles, with a point common – the art on paper.
All artists are constantly changing, expanding their work through world of dreams and daydreams.
By translating the reality, the imaginary gains strength and reveals desires, frustrations, conflict, intimacy and irony, releasing on paper forms and colors that allow
by expressing the invisible visible.
The exhibition, with free admission and open until February 5, 2011 can be seen from
Monday to Friday, between 10:00 and 18:30 and on Saturdays from 15:00 to
19.00, an organization of Portimão City and Colour – Art Gallery

2011 Gallery Broadway New York, USA
2011 Pre-biennale Venice, Italy
2011 Ecpat –against human Trafficing, Castello Estensce Ferrara, Italia
2011 Gallery Amsterdam Whitney, New York, USA

2010 7.International Watercolour Exhibition, The Belgian Watercolour Society/ECWS, Belgia
2010 Gallery Icosahedron, New York, USA «Conventional Wisdom».
2009 Biennale Internazionale Dell’Arte Contemporanea, Firenze, Italia
2009 Art Contemporanea Gallery Croissant, Brussels, Belgia
2008 Liverpool Independent Biennale 2008, England.
1987 Kunstskolen i Rogaland 30-års jubileumsutstilling, Stavanger